Trash and Recycling

Mother and daughter recyclingResidential trash pick up is not a city-provided service. It is the responsibility of a resident or homes associations to arrange for service with one of the city's permitted trash haulers.

Trash service providers in Overland Park are required to provide:

  • Curbside recycling - All haulers collect typical household waste. None accept glass. Contact your hauler to find out what, if any, additional materials it collects.
  • Yard waste - Includes grass clippings, leaves and small tree trimming debris. Yard waste must be bundled or in paper lawn bags; plastic bags will not be picked up. Haulers collect yard waste at least 40 weeks a year. Contact your hauler for more information.

Trash containers must be hidden from view of the street and neighboring properties. Containers must be placed on the side of the house or in an enclosed structure. Trash, recycling and yard waste should be placed at the curb, not in the street or on the sidewalk the morning of collection day.

Overland Park operates a Drop Off Recycling Center, 11921 Hardy where anyone is able to recycle a number of different products. Glass containers can be recycled at our recycling center or at one of the Ripple Glass collection bins located in Overland Park and metropolitan Kansas City.

Overland Park sponsors a bulky item pickup for one half of the city each fall, and special recycling events throughout the year.