Citywide Surveys

The City works with a research firm to conduct citywide surveys of residents every other year.

These surveys measure residents’ level of satisfaction with municipal services, programs and amenities. The data is used for continuing analysis and comparison with previous survey results and benchmarks.

2018 Survey Results

Most of the residents surveyed were highly satisfied with City services. In particular, residents shared highest levels of satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Public safety
  • Parks and recreation
  • Code enforcement
  • City maintenance
  • City leadership
  • City communication

Some residents expressed they would like more emphasis on the maintenance of city streets, buildings and facilities, and the flow of traffic on major City streets.

Almost 100% of residents who responded believe the City of Overland Park is an “excellent” or “good” place to live, raise children, and work.

2018 Survey Documents

The following documents make up the citywide survey results. They show survey questions and response statistics, major findings, and responses by geographical area.