Committed to keeping our community safe.

The Overland Park Police Department, Fire Department, emergency management division work together to ensure those who live, work, and play in our city are safe.

Call 911 if you have an emergency.

Overland Park Police Department color guard waits at attention to enter Sporting KC field

Overland Park Police Department

Overland Park has one of the lowest crime rates of similar-sized communities, thanks to the high ethical standards and record of excellence of the Overland Park Police Department.

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Silhouette of three firefighters and hose jets fighting fire at night with fire engine lights in background

Overland Park Fire Department

The Overland Park Fire Department has been operating professionally, responsibly, and with accountability in our community for more than 90 years, longer than the city has been in existence.

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Man hold fire extinguisher to put out gas grill fire in fire safety training while group watches in background

Emergency Management

The City of Overland Park’s Emergency Management division prepares residents and city staff for potential disaster while working to minimize the risks and respond should an emergency occur.


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