Multifamily Glass Recycling Program

In 2023, the City of Overland Park launched a program in partnership with Ripple Glass to offer glass recycling as an amenity for multifamily facilities.

The program is available to facilities with communal waste drop-off locations on the property that have not previously offered glass recycling.

Applications for the program must be submitted by a property manager.


Gayle Bergman
Sustainability Programs Coordinator
[email protected]

A close-up of a hand placing a glass bottle into a recycling can.


Depending on the number of units at your facility, cost per unit is usually less than $0.50 a month if you continue the service after the pilot year. All supplies, including 64-gallon carts, reusable collection bags for residents and educational flyers will be provided in addition to the services performed by Ripple Glass.

The City accepts applications submitted by property managers on a rolling basis.

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