Pet Regulations

A Resident Enjoys His AnimalsDogs, cats and other animals provide great companionship, but owning a pet involves a lot of responsibility.

The city wants residents to enjoy their animals while maintaining peace and quiet in our neighborhoods, protecting property and providing a safe environment for residents and pets.

  • Animal Licenses/Tags

    All dogs and cats must be licensed by the time they reach 6 months old, or within 30 days of being brought into the city.

  • Special Animal Permits

    Any person who wishes to own, keep, or harbor more than two dogs or more than two cats must apply for a special animal permit. Foster Permits can be obtained through the City Clerk's Office.

  • Cat Regulations

    The city does not have a leash law for cats; however, Animal Control (AC) does respond to cat complaints, particularly if the cat has physically injured someone or damaged property. AC does not respond to feral or wild cat complaints.

  • Animal Control

    The Animal Control Unit maintains peace and quiet in our neighborhoods, protects public and private property, and provides a safe environment for residents and pets.

  • Leash Law

    Dogs must be on a leash, no longer than 10 feet long, at all times when not confined to a cage, residence or backyard (this law does not apply to cats).  Tethering dogs between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. is prohibited.

  • Lost and Found

    When an animal is running loose, the Animal Control Unit will pick it up and impound it at Great Plains SPCA Lost Pet Center,