Licenses + Permits for Animals + Pets

Overland Park licenses and permits many animals in the city in order to make sure our neighborhoods, residents, and pets are as safe and healthy as possible.

2024 Pet Licenses

Pet owners in Overland Park now have a simpler process for renewing their pet licenses, thanks to a change in the City’s pet licensing program.

Residents will receive a permanent, renewable pet tag, rather than getting a new tag each year.

Pet licenses still need to be renewed annually, but there’s no need to wait for an annual tag for proof of licensing or change out tags on collars. Pet tags are non-transferable.

Use the city’s online permitting portal, ePLACE, to apply for and renew pet licenses.

Apply + Renew Online


City Clerk's Office
8500 Santa Fe Drive
Overland Park, Kan. 66212




8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Pet Licenses

All dogs and cats in Overland Park must be licensed by the time they reach six months old, or within 30 days of being brought into the city whether or not they go outside.

This requirement protects the public by ensuring all dogs and cats are vaccinated for rabies. The license tag assists the City’s animal control operation when returning stray animals to their owners.

As a pet owner, you can have up to two dogs and/or two cats at your residence. If you would like to have more, a special animal permit is required. Overland Park does not restrict animal ownership based on breed.


Residents should apply for a new license within 30 days of bringing a new pet home or moving to the city.

Renewal statements are mailed during the first week of each year. Residents have until June 30 to license each pet without incurring a penalty.

For each renewal pet registration licensed on or after July 1, residents will be charged a $20 penalty, per animal, in addition to the license fee. Rabies vaccinations must be current at the time of licensing.

Licenses are good from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.


  • $5 for spayed or neutered and microchipped pets
  • $10 for spayed or neutered pets
  • $10 for non-spayed or non-neutered but microchipped pets
  • $20 for non-spayed or non-neutered pets

There is a $20 penalty, per pet and in addition to the licensing fee, if renewing after June 30.


Apply Online

Use the city’s online permitting portal, ePLACE, to apply for and renew pet licenses.

An account is required to register for a new license or renew a previous license.

Each pet must have its own license, but residents can pay for all licenses together using ePLACE.

Apply In-Person

To apply in-person, print and fill out a license application form.

Return the form in-person, from 8 a.m-5 p.m., or via the mail to:

City Clerk’s Office
8500 Santa Fe Drive
Overland Park, KS 66212

An after-hours drop box is located on the brick enclosure outside the City Hall front doors.

The City receives a high volume of applications at the beginning of the year. Please allow up to four weeks for processing.

Sick, Elderly, or Deceased Pets

If your pet is deceased or you are no longer caring for the pet, send an email to [email protected] with your name and your pet’s name so our records can be updated accordingly.

If your pet is in poor health and cannot receive a rabies vaccination, a letter from your veterinarian explaining it is required before a tag may be issued.