Animal Control

Overland Park’s animal control unit maintains peace and quiet in our neighborhoods, protects public and private property, and provides a safe environment for residents and pets.

Animal control staff will:

  • Pick up dead animals on city streets
  • Write tickets for ordinance violations related to animals
  • Make court appearances
  • Investigate cruelty and neglect reports
  • Investigate animal bites
  • Process special animal permits
  • Work with owners to resolve barking and disturbance complaints
  • Remove live animals in the living space of your home
  • Present to civic groups, neighborhood associations, and school children.

Animal control does not provide nuisance wildlife removal.

Report a Problem

To report an issue with an animal happening right now, call the Overland Park Police Department non-emergency number, 913-895-6300. Reporting the issue while it’s happening may help officers resolve your concern quicker.

To report a habitual issue, call the Overland Park Police Department non-emergency number, 913-895-6300, or file an OPCares request online.

Calls for Service

Most years, animal control officers answer more than 9,000 calls, investigate more than 120 animal bites, and process more than 200 special animal permits.

Animal control impounds more than 1,200 lost pets each year. The city of Overland Park requires licenses for all dogs and cats in the city. This helps animal control officers reunite lost or injured pets with their owners.

Rabies Impoundment

If any animal bites, scratches or otherwise causes an abrasion that breaks a person’s skin, animal control officers will immediately quarantine the animal at the owner’s expense, for a period of ten days.

If the bite occurs during regular business hours and the owner is available to make arrangements, officers will impound the animal at a veterinarian of the owner’s choice in Johnson County.

If the injury occurs after-hours or the owner is unavailable, officers will impound the animal at a city-authorized impounding facility until the next business day, when the owner must make arrangements for their pet to be transferred to a veterinarian in Johnson County for the remainder of the ten-day quarantine period.

Learn more about the city’s impoundment ordinance in the municipal code.