Leash Law

Dogs in Overland Park must be on a leash at all times when not confined to a cage, residence, or backyard. An owner or other caregiver must hold the leash, which cannot be longer than ten feet in length.

Violations may results in a fine of $100 or more.

Electronic Fences

Electronic fences are not considered proper restraining devices.

Residents who confine a dog with an electronic fence or an electronic collar must clearly post a sign on the property indicating the use of such a device.

Do not allow a dog confined with an electronic fence or collar to be closer than ten feet to any public sidewalk or property line.

Cat Regulations

Overland Park does not have a leash law for cats.

Animal control officers will respond to complaints about cats, particularly if a cat has harmed someone or damaged property.

Cats must be under control of their owner or caregiver at all times. Cat are considered out of control and in violation of city ordinance if they

  • Enter a neighbor’s property after a neighbor has complained to the cat’s owner
  • Cause an injury to a person or another animal
  • Damage property, including but not limited to breaking, bruising, tearing, digging, crushing, or injuring lawns, gardens, flower beds, or plants
  • Defecate or urinate on private property

Off-Leash Dog Parks

The city does not operate any off-leash dog parks.

Johnson County provides several, including Thomas S. Stoll Park in Overland Park. See a list of the County’s parks.