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Screening committee to recommend new Ward 4 City Council member

Overland Park’s City Council screening committee will begin the task of searching for, interviewing and recommending a new representative for Ward 4.

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, the City Council approved a declaration of vacancy for the Ward 4 City Council position formerly held by Gina Burke. Burke moved out of the city in March.

Ward 4 generally includes the areas of the city between 119th and 151st Streets, west of Antioch. There are few neighborhoods in this area that are a part of other wards. The boundaries of Ward 4 are delineated on the City’s ward boundary map.

Per city charter ordinance, the Mayor, council president and the chair of the Finance, Administration and Economic Development Committee will make up the City Council vacancy screening committee, which must recommend a maximum of two potential replacements within 30 days.

The vacancy screening Committee met on Monday night after the City Council meeting to approve a selection process, which includes accepting and reviewing applications and resumes, interviewing candidates if needed, and making a recommendation to the Committee of the Whole.

The screening committee will receive applications through May 1. Read the notice of vacancy online to learn more about applying and next steps.