Animal Control

Animal Control Services

M-F: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The Animal Control Unit maintains peace and quiet in our neighborhoods, protects public and private property, and provides a safe environment for residents and pets.

Animal control does:

  • Pick up dead animals but only on city streets;
  • Write tickets for ordinance violations;
  • Make court appearances;
  • Investigate cruelty and neglect complaints;
  • Investigate animal bites;
  • Process special animal permits;
  • Work with animal owners to resolve barking and disturbance complaints; and
  • Make educational presentations to civic groups, neighborhood associations and school children.

Animal Control does not provide nuisance wildlife removal.

In a year's time, Animal Control will answer more than 9,000 calls, impound more than 1,200 animals, investigate more than 120 animal bites, and process more than 200 special animal permits. The city of Overland Park requires all pets, dogs and cats, to be registered. By doing this it helps to reunite you with your pet should it get lost or injured.