Farmstead Prices


Farmstead admission is required for all visitors. It is $3 per person, ages two and older. Admission is free for children under age two.

Admission is $3 per person, all day, on holidays, including Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Most attractions at the Farmstead are included with admission. Additional costs are noted below.

Free Afternoons + Evenings

Admission is free for all guests after 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Free Weekends

The Farmstead hosts two free admission weekends each season. In 2020, free admission weekends are June 5-7 and August 7-9.


13800 Switzer
Overland Park, KS 66221




The Farmstead is closed for the 2019 season. Opening Day is April 1, 2020.

Optional Costs

Combo Pack

The $13 Combo pack includes mining, one wagon ride, one pony ride, one bottle of milk for the baby goats, and fishing.

Animal Feed

Animal feed is $0.25, available from vending machines that take quarters.

No outside feed is allowed.

Baby Goat Bottle Feeding

Your kid, feeding our kids! Pick up a bottle of milk and see what it’s like to raise a baby goat.

Baby goat bottles are $1 each.


Cast your old-fashioned cane pole into Fishing Pond and pull out a fish nearly every single time.

There is a $3 fee to fish, which includes a cane pole and four worms. No outside poles or bait are allowed.


Guests can sift through a bag of “rough” to discover gems.

Small bags are $5 and large bags are $8.

Pony Rides

Our gentle pony ride for children ages 3-10 is $3 per ride.

Wagon Rides

Spend 10-15 minutes taking a ride on a wagon pulled by a team of draft horses. Wagon rides are $3 per person. Children under age one ride free.

Friends of the Farmstead Membership

Friends of the Farmstead memberships provide free admission for one year.

  • Individual memberships:
    • $15 for Overland Park residents
    • $22.50 for non-residents
  • Family memberships:
    • $35 for Overland Park residents
    • $50 for non-residents

Patron memberships are $100 and offer the same benefits of a family membership.

Please see the family definition for membership purposes.

Purchase Friends of the Farmstead memberships in-person at Matt Ross Community Center, 8101 Marty St., or Tomahawk Ridge Community Center, 11902 Lowell Ave., or at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead when it is open.