Crime + Arrest Data

The Overland Park Police Department provides citywide crime and arrest data for each calendar year.

This report, produced by the department’s Crime Analysis Unit, includes several types of crimes and breaks down a holistic view of crime data in Overland Park by crime type, date, age of suspect and division of investigation. It also includes details about mental health calls for service and victim support services utilized.

The report is updated quarterly. It accurately reflects the raw data within the department’s database at the time the report is produced and updated. The information in the report is subject to change as cases are reported, investigated and reclassified.

See Crime + Arrest Data Report

Crime Map

The Overland Park Police Department partners with many local police departments to share crime data on theĀ Community Crime Map.

The Community Crime Map goes beyond crime mapping. You can set up automatic alerts about recent crime activity.

Crime Map


Melissa Powell