Planning + Development Services Department

The Planning and Development Services Department helps the community plan for the future, assures resident safety, and supports neighborhoods.

Planning and Development Services includes staff from several divisions.

Current Planning

Current planning staff:

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning division:

  • Considers the City’s long range plans.
  • Studies development needs of special areas of the city.
  • Reviews the City’s comprehensive plan annually.
  • Operates the neighborhood conservation program, which helps sustain aging neighborhoods that do not have homeowner’s associations.
  • Supports other planning and City staff with geographic information systems.

Building Safety

The building safety division:

  • Reviews construction plans for compliance with building codes, engineering standards, and environmental requirements.
  • Provides detailed inspections of construction activity throughout the building process.

Community Services

The community services division supports the community with:

Engineering Services

The engineering services division reviews construction plans for site development requirements related to streets, stormwater, streetlights, grading, erosion control, traffic, water quality, floodplain development, and other civil engineering issues.

Permit Services

The permit services division provides support to staff and residents submitting permit applications, and processes building permits.


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