Finance Department

Overland Park’s Finance, Budget and Administration Department works with the City Council, city manager and city departments to coordinate financial services. The department is responsible for:

  • Financial planning, reporting and records
  • Development of the annual budget
  • Development of five-year Capital Improvement Programs
  • Management of economic development incentives
  • Safekeeping of funds
  • Payment of City bills

Overland Park has a long-standing record of fiscal responsibility based upon sound financial planning and budgeting.

Financial Management Recognition

The City has maintained a triple-A bond rating since 1986 and is one of just 34 cities in the nation to receive a triple-A bond rating from Moody’s Investors, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch.

The City also has received the Government Finance Officers of America Certificate for Excellence in Financial Reporting annually since 1976, and the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award annually since 1992.

Cash Management

The City of Overland Park recognizes that effective cash management is an important part of good financial management. 

City policy requires funds determined to be idle, based on projected cash flow, be invested in a way that seeks to maximize the highest rate of return with the maximum security, until such time as the funds are needed for the operations of the city.

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Gena McDonald


8500 Santa Fe Drive
Overland Park, KS 66212




8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fiscal Reporting

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Each year, the Finance Department prepares the comprehensive annual financial report.

The report includes a description of city services, its accounting system and budgetary controls and a brief discussion about the city’s economic condition and outlook.

The annual report also includes an independent auditors’ report, management’s discussion and analysis, government-wide financial statements, fund financial statements and other financial and general information presented on a multiyear comparative basis.

Fiscal Year Summary Report

The fiscal year summary report┬áprovides a concise, easy to understand summary of financial information contained in the City’s CAFR. This report is intended to better inform the public about City’s financial condition, without excessive detail or the use of technical accounting terms.

Sales Tax Exemption

The Kansas Department of Revenue recognizes the City of Overland Park as a tax-exempt entity.