New renewable pet tag simplifies licensing process

Pet owners in Overland Park now have a simpler process for renewing their pet licenses, thanks to a change in the City’s pet licensing program.

Starting in 2023, residents will receive a permanent, renewable pet tag, rather than getting a new tag each year.

Pet licenses will still need to be renewed annually, but there’s no need to wait for an annual tag for proof of licensing or change out tags on collars.

Why the change?

The change makes the pet licensing program more convenient for residents and provides a quicker turnaround in the licensing process.

It will also save the City the cost of purchasing, processing and mailing new pet tags every year.

Replacements for the permanent pet tags will still be available for those who need them, for $1.

Licensing Program

Overland Park licenses and permits many animals in the city to ensure our neighborhoods, residents, and pets are as safe and healthy as possible.

All dogs and cats in Overland Park must be licensed by the time they reach six months old, or within 30 days of being brought into the city, whether or not they go outside.

The license tag assists the City’s animal control officers when returning stray animals to their owners and ensures all dogs and cats are vaccinated for rabies.

2023 Licenses

The City Clerk’s Office will send renewal statements out during the first week of 2023.

Pet owners can apply or renew their license online by June 30 to license pets without incurring a penalty.

Licenses are good through Dec. 31 and will need to be renewed in 2024, but the renewable permanent pet tag residents receive in 2023 will continue to be valid as long as licenses are renewed.