Court Services

Overland Park Court Services is licensed by the State of Kansas to provide DUI evaluations and alcohol and drug assessment and referral services. This program also provides court supervision and monitoring services.

The court also works with the Overland Park Police Department to provide traffic school classes. If you have questions about traffic school, please call 913-327-6800.


12400 Foster St.
Overland Park, KS 66213






8 a.m.-5 p.m.


[email protected]

Substance Abuse Evaluations + Pre-Sentence Evaluations

Our evaluators have both national and state certifications, and provide professional, thorough and cost effective evaluations used by courts and treatment agencies throughout Kansas. Evaluations are provided to the court for sentencing, probation and diversion, and treatment referral purposes.

Monitoring + Supervision

Probation officers are assigned a caseload of individuals placed on diversion, probation or parole by a judge. Individuals who are court-ordered to be supervised by a probation officer must report to the office and provide proof of compliance with all of the conditions assigned by a judge.

Education + Treatment Program Referrals

The following organizations provide structured classes in drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco use, anger control, and theft subject areas.

Mental Health Diversion

The Overland Park Municipal Court partners with Johnson County Mental Health for a diversion program for defendants with symptoms of a serious mental illness. The program’s objective is to reduce recidivism through mental health treatment.

Eligibility Requirements

Defendants who meet the following criteria may be eligible for mental health diversion:

  • Have a pending case in Overland Park Municipal Court.
  • Exhibit symptoms of a serious mental illness, based on an evaluation by Johnson County Mental Health specialists.
  • Meet Johnson County Mental Health’s criteria for functional level of care.
  • Meet Johnson County Mental Health’s residency requirements.
  • Be willing to participate in all services as directed by Johnson County Mental Health.
  • Maintain a release of information between Johnson County Mental Health and the Municipal Court at all times.


To apply, return the completed application packet at your next court date or send it electronically to the Prosecutor’s Office at [email protected].

Contact the prosecutor’s office at 913-327-6870 for more information.

Traffic School

If you have questions about traffic school, please call 913-327-6800.

Traffic school is often included as an additional sanction for minors who commit traffic offenses.

The program is only open to those individuals ordered to attend by a judge or who are referred as part of a plea agreement by the city prosecutor.

Class Registration

To register, appear in-person and present a valid driver’s license or permit at the Overland Park Municipal Court, 12400 Foster St. Once your fee is paid, the Court will schedule you for a traffic school date.

Class Fee

The fee for traffic school is $25 and must be paid at Overland Park Municipal Court at the time of registration. You must pay in advance to attend traffic school.

Class Location

Classes will be held from 8 a.m.-noon on scheduled Saturdays at the Myron E. Scafe Building, 8500 Antioch Rd.