Strang Park

Park Overview

Strang Park is an 11-acre neighborhood park with plenty of opportunities to stay active, and access to nearby amenities, including the Johnson County Central Resource Library.


9879 W. 88th Terrace
Overland Park, Kansas 66212




5 a.m.-10 p.m.

Strang Park Improvement Project

Strang Park is scheduled for upgrades and improvements in 2021.

Park Design

The new park design will encompass a broad range of creative activities and incorporate construction of standard and custom park elements that keep the historical focus of the area alive. Improvements will include:

  • Playground – an inclusive playground will feature climbing and multi-play elements, sensory play, a toddler area, and seating
  • Entry plaza – including walkways, existing historical signage and Strang Line elements, porch swing seating, and a lawn game area
  • Pickleball courts, which will be first-come, first-serve
  • Basketball – two half-courts, which will be first-come, first-serve
  • Trails – a new eight-foot-wide loop trail
  • Parking – an reconstructed parking lot and additional on-street parallel parking on Farley Street
  • Restroom and shelters – with architecture inspired by original elements of the Strang Line Railroad

The park’s existing tennis courts will remain.

The image shown left is a final concept. Most elements included will be a part of the ultimate park design. Changes may occur during final design development based on resident and steering committee feedback.


The City is in the planning stage of park improvements. Two public meetings were held in September and October of 2019 to gather feedback from neighbors.

Construction is expected to begin in 2021.

Park Amenities

Basketball court

The outdoor courts are first-come-first-serve. There is no fee to use them.

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Drinking fountain

Historical Feature

The park features portions of the original Strang Line railroad and national historic trail signage.

A “words walk” that lets visitors experience many of their favorite children’s books as they move throughout the park’s loop trail.

Loop trail

Open area/multi-use field




Picnic tables

Small shelter

Tennis court

Tennis courts are open during park hours on a first-come, first serve basis.

There is no fee to use them.

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