Your input needed on Overland Park’s dangerous dog ordinance

June 3, 2021 Update:

If you are an Overland Park resident and you wish to speak during the open comment period of the June 9, Public Safety Committee Meeting regarding the breed specific ordinance please complete this form.

The Open Comment Period will begin at 7 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. on June 9.

Overland Park residents who wish to speak during the Open Comment Period should register by noon on Monday, June 7, in advance of the meeting. Each speaker will have one 3-minute speaking opportunity.

Speakers are required to follow the Code of Conduct for Public Comments.

Original Post:

Overland Park’s Public Safety Committee will review the City’s dangerous dog ordinance this summer.

After a group of advocates approached the Public Safety Committee asking it to eliminate the breed-specific provisions of the dangerous dog ordinance, members of the committee agreed to study the issue further.

Throughout the summer, the City Council Public Safety committee expects to learn more about the impact of the ordinance, and any possible future changes to it.

Research on the topic will include hearing from a panel of experts on the issue and listening to resident feedback about the ordinance, said Council Member Paul Lyons, chair of the Public Safety Committee.

Ultimately, the committee could direct City staff to draft an updated ordinance later this summer, or choose to take no action.

A tentative schedule of this initiative includes:

  • May 11 – the Public Safety Committee will hear from a panel of experts.
  • June 9 – the Public Safety Committee will take public feedback on the ordinance. Residents can sign up by noon on Monday, June 7 to attend and share their thoughts.
  • Late summer/Early fall – Committee provides staff direction.

The hearing and timeline are dependent on the public health situation at the time of the meeting, and whether an in-person meeting will be possible.

To stay up to date about items scheduled for committee agendas, visit the city’s Meeting Agendas, Minutes + Videos portal.

“We understand there are many members of the community very passionate about this issue,” said Lyons. “We are interested in your input on whether or not you would support eliminating the breed-specific dog ban.”

After learning more information about the ordinance, the committee could direct staff to draft an updated ordinance later this summer, or direct staff to take no action, Lyons said.

Overland Park is one of a few remaining cities in the metro with breed-specific language that prohibits pit bulls and other similar dogs.

Overland Park’s dangerous animal code prohibits keeping Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and any breed of dog that has the appearance or characteristics of any of these breeds. It also prohibits ownership of animals with a propensity to bite or attack, and keeping wild animals as pets. Any animal in violation of Overland Park’s ordinance must be removed from the city.

To weigh in on the ordinance now, fill out the Dangerous Animal Ordinance Feedback form.