Pave the way for safety this National Work Zone Awareness Week

Construction barricade blocking part of a road under construction.

To promote safe and attentive driving in work zones across the country and in our own community, the Department of Transportation designates April 15-19 as National Work Zone Awareness Week. This week emphasizes the importance of caution and vigilance when navigating construction zones. 

Keep the safety of construction workers, fellow drivers and yourself in mind when you spot the orange cones:

1. Slow down and pay attention.

2. Obey construction and speed limit signs in work zones, and be mindful of workers’ presence.

3. Maintain a safe distance between vehicles, and change lanes when directed.

Each year, the City of Overland Park completes several road construction projects, making streets safer and improving traffic movement. Find project details, current closures and additional information using the resources below.

For more information about work zone safety, visit


Public Works 913-895-6040