Infrastructure Heroes: Celebrating National Public Works Week in Overland Park

As we commute to work, run errands and visit our favorite local spots, a silent force works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure roads are smooth, traffic flows seamlessly and our infrastructure remains safe and reliable. 

This force is none other than the dedicated professionals of the Overland Park Public Works Department. 

Whether filling a pothole, monitoring traffic flow, inspecting a construction project or driving a snow plow, Overland Park Public Works Department staff monitor and maintain more than 2,000 lane miles of streets along with traffic signals, bridges and storm sewer systems throughout the City. 

The American Public Works Association designates May 19-25 as National Public Works Week, a time to honor the men and women who work tirelessly to create and maintain our city’s infrastructure. Overland Park is immensely grateful for the dedication and hard work of its more than 100 Public Works staff members.

This National Public Works Week, we’re shining a spotlight on our infrastructure heroes who keep our city running smoothly. Public Works operates four divisions across the City:

1. Administration: Public Works administration directs and coordinates work areas, provides leadership to fulfill department objectives and trains department staff.

2. Engineering: The engineering division is responsible for planning, designing and managing infrastructure construction and for the major maintenance of streets, bridges and storm sewer systems.

3. Maintenance: The maintenance division keeps the City’s traffic management devices, streets, stormwater system, vehicles and equipment in working order.

4. Traffic Services: This division focuses on planning, designing, and managing traffic flow, including the installation and operation of signals and signs, prioritizing safety improvements, and exploring alternative transportation options.

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