Scooters + Bikes

Having trouble finding a Bird scooter?

The City’s pilot program providing access to all-electric scooters and bikes concluded in November 2023.

Please check back here for updates as the City explores alternative options for providing this service. 

Best Practices for E-Bikes + Scooters

If you own your own scooter or e-bike, you are still able to ride them on city streets, sidewalks and trails as outlined in the City’s Municipal Code.

Where to Ride

  • Bike lanes
  • Sidewalks (scooters only)
  • Parks and trails (unless otherwise noted)
  • Streets with speed limits of 35 mph or less

Where to Park

  • Public bike racks or bike parking
  • City street signs (except for stop and bus signs)

Where Not to Park

  • Loading zones and handicapped-accessible parking zones
  • Curb ramps, driveways and entrances to private property
  • In the middle of sidewalks or intersections
  • Benches or public structures