Coronavirus Affects City Services

To prevent the spread of coronavirus in our community, Johnson County Government has ordered residents to stay at home except for essential needs, beginning Tuesday, March 24 for 30 days.

The Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, Recycling Center, and playgrounds and shelters at City parks are closed, and many other City services are affected by this order.

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Right of Way Permit

Permits are required for work in the right of way, including replacement of a commercial or residential driveway and installation of sprinkler systems.

The right of way is generally the area 10 feet back from the curb, toward a homeowner’s property.

Right of way permits are not required when

  • Work is permitted under other city permits.
  • Right of way users perform routine service operations that do not require excavation.
  • Right of way users perform routine service operations that do not disrupt traffic for more than four hours.


Permit + Inspection Fee

$40 per address or parcel impacted

Excavation Fee

Excavation fees are equal to the cost, per square yard, for streets, overlays, and sealcoats, multiplied by the depreciation rate and the area of influence.

These fees are calculated by the city engineer based on information provided in the permit application.

Double Permit Fee

Permit and inspection fees double if a contractor is found to have worked or is working in the right of way without a permit.

Emergency excavations are exempt from this provision.

Reinspection Fee

City staff will assess a $50 fee when reinspection is necessary because work is not complete, or when corrections are not made.