Fire Station 41

The City is re-building Fire Station 41 in northern Overland Park.

The original fire station (The Marty Memorial Station) reached the end of its designed 50-year life span. The new Fire Station 41 will address design best practices for equipment and personnel, accommodating larger equipment and allowing for the implementation of cancer-reducing measures. The new station will continue to serve the northern portion of Overland Park for generations to come.

Land acquisition, design, and construction of Fire Station 41 are included in the Capital Improvements Program. The overall budget for the project is $13,225,000.

This page will be updated as the Station 41 project progresses.


Tony Rome
Facilities Engineer & Project Manager
[email protected]

Alan Long
Fire Chief
[email protected]

Land Acquisition and Location

The new facility at 7550 W. 75th Street will be built on land from the old fire station along with a portion of newly acquired land adjoining the existing plot. 

Prior to the demolition of the original fire station, the City renovated the decommissioned Marty Pool house to use as a temporary fire station during construction. This allows fire crews to provide the same level of responsiveness to emergency calls within the district.

Once crews have moved in to the completed Fire Station 41, the City will begin construction on Marty Park. Learn more about the Marty Pool/Park conversion on the Marty Pool webpage.

Sustainable Construction

The City works toward minimizing its environmental impact through a variety of efforts and initiatives to ensure Overland Park is a sustainable city.

In July 2022, City Council approved the addition of solar panels to the design of Fire Station 41, increasing the project’s overall budget by $225,000. Solar panels installed on the fire station’s roof will power approximately 75 percent of the building. The City is expected to recoup the cost of design and installation through energy savings over the course of 16 years. 

Project Timeline

Public Meeting

City staff held an open house meeting to share the vision for the project and seek input from neighbors and residents on May 31, 2022 at the American Legion Post 370 at 7500 W.75th Street. The purpose of the May 31, 2022 neighborhood meeting was to share the vision for the project and seek neighbors’ input prior to Planning Commission consideration of the special use permit application at its June 13 meeting.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission approved a special use permit for the project at its June 13, 2022 meeting and a final development plan for the project at its August 8, 2022 meeting.


The City broke ground at the site of the new fire station on March 29, 2023.


Construction is currently underway. The facility is expected to be complete in mid to late 2024.

Marty Memorial Station Demolition Timelapse

Fire Station 41 Construction Timelapse