Codes & Ordinances

  • Floodplain Management
    It is the purpose of this Chapter to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize floodplain losses.
  • Leash Ordinance
    Dogs must be on a leash, no longer than 10 feet long, at all times when not confined to a cage, residence or backyard.
  • Noise Ordinance
    In order to maintain peace and quiet in our neighborhoods, the city has a noise ordinance.
  • Property Maintenance Code
    Overland Park strives to maintain high standards for the quality of life of our residents
  • Smoking Ordinance
    Indoor smoking is not allowed in the City of Overland Park.
  • Stormwater Pollution Ordinance
    (OPMC) The Stormwater Pollution Ordinance prohibits the discharge of pollutants to the storm drain system (streets, gutters, underground pipes) in order to protect and improve water quality.
  • Stormwater Treatment Ordinance
    (OPMC) The Stormwater Treatment Ordinance requires both private and public developers to treat stormwater for pollutants before releasing it into the city's rivers and streams.
  • Stream Corridor Ordinance
    Link OPMC - The Stream Corridor Ordinance not only protects the environment but also allows the city to continue to grow and prosper through new development.
  • Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)
    The city's zoning and subdivision regulations are contained within a single document called the Unified Development Ordinance within the city's Municipal Code.