Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee represents the greater community to guide the Framework OP, the City’s Comprehensive Plan update. They support on topics of interest from approximately four Advisory Teams,
assisting with initiating, engaging, and developing major components throughout the planning process.

Learn more about the committee’s purpose and procedures in the staff report establishing the steering committee in the August 15 City Council meeting agenda.

All meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Schedule

Third Thursday of the month
6:30 p.m.

Staff Liaison

Erin Ollig
[email protected]

Group Members

  • Stacie Gram, Chair
  • Kristy Baughman
  • Carol Cartmill
  • Mary Coffman
  • Theresa Cogswell
  • Jodie Dietz
  • Emily Dore
  • Jim Dunn
  • Sherrie Gayed
  • Sunil Jain
  • Kristen Leathers-Gratton
  • Larry Lewis
  • Matt Masilionis
  • Tonya Merrigan
  • Justin Mertes
  • Ginevera Moore
  • Justin Mouzoukos
  • Colette Panchot
  • Harold Phelps
  • Trish Reedy
  • Kim Sorensen
  • Alan Stetson
  • Roger Summers
  • Marvin Szneler
  • Melissa Vancrum
  • Amanda Vega-Mavec
  • Catalina Velarde
  • Alexandria Washington
  • Warren Wilkinson
  • Erin Winn

To learn more about this board’s members, terms and vacancies, visit the City’s agenda management portal.

Upcoming Meetings

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