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Overland Park is a great place to call home.

From our low crime rate and excellent schools to attractions, such as the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead and the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, to a strong corporate presence, Overland Park remains a nationally recognized city.

Here is a snippet of the awards and honors the city has received:





  • Business Insider named Overland Park near the top of its list of 25 Cities with the Best Quality of Life in the U.S. The website ranked each city based on home values, cost of living, crime rates and job availability.
  • Real estate company Niche named Overland Park to a number of its "top ranked" lists including Best Cities to Live in America. Niche also included Overland Park on its Safest Cities in 2016 and 2016 Best Suburbs for Millennials. Niche reviews schools, colleges and cities to help residents make life decisions.
  • WalletHub ranks Overland Park as 2016's Best City for Families based on opportunities for family fun, affordability and safety. Wallethub also placed Overland Park at the top of its list of the Best Cities for First-Time Home Buyers,based on affordability, quality of life and their real-estate markets; 2016's Best Real-Estate Markets based on appreciation values, affordability and job growth potential; and named Overland Park the Best City for People With Disabilities.
  • Yelp included Overland Park on a list of Bizzie Award winners - celebrating the most customer-friendly small business communities in the country. Yelp examined local businesses' engagement online and reviews from customers to determine which communities have the highest concentration of outstanding customer service.
  • MySidewalk included Overland Park in its list of the Top 10 Most Educated Mid-Sized Cities in America, thanks to the city's award-winning private and public K-12 schools and seven college campuses. MySidewalk is a blog dedicated to using data to help organizations better understand their communities.
  • Face paint girl at Jazz festival1Career mapping company Zippia ranks Overland Park No. 7 on its list of "Most Successful Cities in the U.S." The list analyzed poverty levels, median household incomes and unemployment rates and places the city among other Benchmark cities.
  • Zippia also ranked Overland Park as the second-happiest city in America. The company used data from the the American Community Survey to the 10 Happiest Cities in America, where residents are most educated and employed and enjoyed short commutes and low costs of living.
  • Driving in Overland Park is beneficial for motorists. NerdWallet ranks Overland Park No. 6 safest city in its "The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers." Factors taken into consideration include the number of fatality accidents, likelihood of an accident relative to other cities, number of years between accidents, auto break-in and number of stolen vehicles.
  • for the third consecutive year (2016) ranks Overland Park among its "Top 100 Best Places to Live." Coming in a No. 14 nationwide, up from No. 17 in 2015, it says "Overland Park provides residents with excellent schools, great recreational facilities, entertainment options and stable economy.
  • In a nationwide ranking of cities, Overland Park came in at No. 4 on DataFox's "2016's Best Cities for Tech" (Outside California and New York.) "...Overland Park boasts its own thriving technology scene. Overland Park ranked first among all cities for its companies' financial stability, a factor which includes investor quality and liquidity; its low cost of living is nothing to scoff at, either. Overland Park provides a space for up-and-coming startups to gain capital and knowledge, without breaking the bank," according to
  • Overland Park homeowners get more home value for the dollar than many other communities nationwide, making us among the top 10 cities and desirable to live in, according to "Based on the quality of life in Overland Park, our analysis projected a home value per square foot of $226.83, yet actual home value is closer to $117 per square foot. Overland Park's average high school graduation rate is 95 percent ranks sixth out of 200 cities we analyzed," Smartasset said.
  • Overland Park's Farmers' Market is among the best in the nation, and the best in Kansas, according to
  • In light of National Small Business Week, issued its "Best Cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs" with Overland Park coming in at No. 20 among 150 cities nationwide.
  • rates Overland Park among the Top 10 best cities for single moms out of 150 cities evaluated and the best in Kansas.
  • Overland Park is the second best city in the nation to find a job, according to In WalletHub's subcategory ranking, Overland Park was among the top five cities for lowest housing affordability and highest median annual income. "'s a good time to be on the job market, especially if you're a recent college graduate. The National Association for Business Economics expects nonfarm employment to grow by nearly 210,000 jobs per month as unemployment falls to 4.7 percent by the fourth quarter." WalletHub's analysts compared 150 of the most populated U.S. cities across 17 key metrics.


  • Overland Park was given an "A+" in a ranking of the "10 Best Midwest Cities to Live In" by "Overland Park's city motto is, 'Above And Beyond. By Design.' Whoever is behind the scenes pulling the strings in this Kansas City, Kansas, suburb has done an exceptional job." Other community attributes noted include low poverty rate, "the people are happy, too," and the number of sunny days in a year. 
  • Overland Park was awarded No. 15 for "America's 50 Best Cities to Live" according to 24/7 Wall St. "Of more than 500 cities considered nationwide, Overland Park came in at No. 15 for many community components we all recognize, appreciate and expect," said Council President Paul Lyons. "Truly, education is one of the most important community components. We are thankful for the outstanding public and private elementary and secondary schools."
  • has named Overland Park 2015's 5th Best City for Wallet Wellness. WalletHub compared the 150 largest U.S. cities across 12 key metrics designed to gauge the responsibility with which people manage both their finances and their lifestyles as well as the extent to which local dynamics promote wealth creation and upward mobility. 
  • ranked Overland Park No. 14 on its list of “Top 100 Best Places to Live 2016.” Overland Park has made the top 100 Best Places to Live list for all three years of its existence, thanks in part to our excellent schools, great recreational facilities and entertainment options, stable economy, exceptional public services and strong governance. 
  • Thanks to excellent heath care and quality of life metrics, has just awarded Overland Park the 9th "Best City to Retire" in the country. Overland Park's outstanding and plentiful health care facilities earned it the No. 1 spot for Health Care, and the low-crime rate and elderly-friendly labor market earned it No. 9 overall for Quality of Life. 
  • Overland Park was awarded the No. 1 city in the country for First-Time Home Buyers in 2015 in a study done by The measurements used to determine the country's most favorable housing markets highlighted Overland Park's real-estate tax rates, median annual household income and the low crime rate. 
  • Raising a family in Overland Park with outstanding schools, that's a safe community, and offers affordable housing are some of the attributes that make us the No. 1 in the nation in 2015's Best City for Families. Overland Park finished among the Top 10 in categories including percentage of families with kids, unemployment rate, low crime rate, percentage of two-parent families and more.
  • ranks Overland Park one of the "19 Best Cities to Start a Family." "Don't let Dorothy fool you because Kansas is not all prairies and hay bales. Overland Park, boasting one of the biggest populations in the state, offers a multitude of job opportunities, fun activities and schools." Further, "...the atmosphere is very safe and family-friendly."
  • Forbes ranks Overland Park among "The 25 Best Suburbs for retirement in 2015." Pros about Overland Park include local colleges and hospitals, above-average air quality and low crime rate. Cons, of course, include hot summers and cold winters.
  • The Overland Park Farmers' Market is among the nation's best. Cooking Light rated "America's 50 Best Farmers' Markets," noting that Overland Park's market is the best in Kansas. "Overland Park Farmers' Market is the best in Kansas. I've been shopping there for twelve years, buying produce for restaurants and my family. It has a little bit of a festival atmosphere on Saturdays - live music, prepared food vendors, huge crowds. The variety and quality of the produce is outstanding, and there are quite a few organic farmers," said Chef Carl Thorne-Thomsen.
  • Tops! Overland Park is No. 1 in the nation for "Top 10 Best Cities for Families" as ranked by Community attributes include highly rated schools, pristine parks, affordable neighborhoods and great support network. "...Overland Park provides children with an environment to thrive. City leaders, top employers, and most residents put children first when it comes to spending and programming It's easy to see why Overland Park is a best place to live."


  • The Overland Park Soccer Complex has been recognized as one of the "10 Top Soccer Facilities in the US" by Sportsplanning "Perhaps the most well-known soccer complex in the United States, Overland Park has it all. Twelve lighted regulation size fields, 1,100 square feet of meeting space and a field cooling system are just a few of the reasons why Overland Park was named the country's top "soccer city" by Livability." soccer game
  • "Overland Park offers a wealth of access and opportunity to jobs, schools and recreation...the city invests regularly in its neighborhoods with community centers and the Prairiefire shopping and entertainment district," said in its ranking of "Best Cities for Young Families in Kansas."
  • Amenities per capita, quality of life, total crimes, tax rates, unemployment, commute time and weather were some of the attributes considered by when ranking the city of Overland Park No. 10 among the "10 Best Places In the Midwest."
  • Searching a community based on affordability, jobs, schools and attractions are important attributes. ranked Overland Park No. 1 city in the nation in its Best Cities for People with Disabilities. Part of its consideration is accessibility, quality of health care, quality of life and more.
  • "This sprawling suburb of Kansas City has become a staple on our list for good reason. It boasts nationally recognized schools, plenty of midrange home choices and white-collar jobs galore," said Time Money in its list of "Best Places to Live 2014." Overland Park was ranked 39, highest of any city in Kansas or metropolitan Kansas City.
  • Overland Park is No. 17 in the 2015 Top 100 Best Places to LIve by "The second largest city in Kansas, Overland Park attracts families and young professionals. Smart planning by city leaders has given Overland Park an ideal balance of residential, office and retail. With top ranked sports facilities, excellent schools, many amenities and infectious civic pride, the city continues to improve."
  • If you are looking for a place to retire, Overland Park ranks No. 6 among the Top 10 Cities to Retire In, according to Among its consideration include health care, quality of life, job prospects for those the age of 65, availability of recreational activities and affordability.
  • Overland Park is the No. 1 city to raise children, according to "The heart of the Midwest is well represented by Overland Park, which secured the top spot on our list. Their public schools are the best reason why, as they came in fifth in that category. They also came in 25th in public parks, and considering the massive soccer complex located along 135th street, this comes as no surprise. Getting your child a little exercise has never been easier," said.
  • Overland Park ranks No. 1 in the "10 Most Intelligent Midsize Cities" ranking by The ranking considered, among other items, percentage of the population with a bachelor's degree, public school ranking, libraries per capita and lowest crime rate. "The Sunflower State is well represented by Overland Park, which was able to take the top spot in our list. Their rise as a soccer mecca has been well documented, so futbol fans would be inclined to agree with this ranking," Mylife said.
  • ranks Overland Park at No. 3 in its 2014's Best Cities for Families. Part of its rankings took into consideration child care costs, school system and quality, percentage of families with kids, crime rate, housing affordability, median family income and property value growth.
  • ranks Overland Park at No. 3 out the Top 10 Best Cities for Kids 2014. "Top-rated schools continue to draw young families to Overland Park. Kan., which provides kids with a safe community, lots of parks and fun activities. Parents rave about the quality education children in Overland Park receive and the wholesome things there are to do here," states Other community attributes cited include 83 parks and open space, the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead and more.


  • Overland Park is among the Top 10 Best Mid-Sized Cities to move to. "Overland Park is safe, has a low unemployment rate, and a high average income, making it No. 7..." said of Overland Park in picking the Top 10 cities in the U.S.
  • Top Best Places to Live - says in its Top 100 Best Places to Live 2014, Overland Park is No. 17. "Overland Park is a hotbed of growth for families and businesses. Sporting events and parks helped the city rank on's Top 10 Soccer Cities list and the Deanna Rose Chldren's Farmstead is a must-see."
  • Places to Retire on the Cheap - Overland Park ranks No. 2 in Yahoo Finance's ranking of the Top 10 places to retire on the cheap. Part of the evaluation of communities included affordability, robust local economy, low unemployment, affordable housing and access to affordable health care.
  • Top 10 soccer facilities in the United States - "Perhaps the most well-known soccer complex in the United States, Overland Park has it all," said Insite on Sports Events about the Overland Park Soccer Complex. Further recognition of the complex includes its close proximity to more than 30 hotels, and "just about every restaurant one could ask for are located within minutes of the facility."
  • A must see garden to explore - Yahoo Travel's "10 glorious gardens to explore" finds beauty in the Monet Garden located within the 300-acre Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. "There is...a quite delightful option: Simply go to (Overland Park) and see a replica (of Monet's garden)," Yahoo Travel highlights. The Arboretum has a train garden, water gardens, sculptures and thousands of colorful flowers, many of which are cared for by 30 volunteers.



  • 25 Top Suburbs for Retirement - Overland Park was recognized by Forbes Magazine in its ranking of cities for various categories. Forbes noted that Overland Park has four hospitals, has about 175,000 residents, includes colleges, low crime, average home prices in the mid-$200,000 and a cost of living a "whopping 12 percent below the national average."


  • Heartland Tree Alliance Award - Overland Park's Legacy of Greenery Committee, the city's official tree board, was recognized by Bridging the Gap for protecting, preserving and increasing the metropolitan area's urban forest.
  • Overland Park among the Top 50 safest cities in United States - CQ Press ranked Overland Park 44th out of 400 cities nationwide in its annual "City Crime Rankings."
  • The Best Cities for Moms - The Daily Beast (blog) said Overland Park was No. 8 and had conditions to make mom happy and offers the best quality of life for mothers.
  • Overland Park ranks among the top 100 Places to Live - said Overland Park was one of the best places to live after talking with local leaders, receiving resident feedback and reviewing data from the past year regarding the local economy, environment, education, crime, employment and housing. "Overland Park residents enjoy a cost of living below the national average."
  • 10 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life in Retirement - U.S. News & World Report searched for places that provide plenty of recreational and cultural activities, including museums, concerts and outdoor space, ranking Overland Park No. 10. Further, it considered affordable housing and reasonable cost of living; generally open to hiring older workers, and especially sought after places that offer jobs in a relatively recession-resistant economy. Other factors considered education and health care.
  • Overland Park Among Top 10 Best Places to Live - CNN Money Magazine rated Overland Park seventh (previously ranked ninth in 2008). In ranking the top 100 cities, CNN Money Magazine said Overland Park had outstanding schools, the 300-acre Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, the downtown Overland Park Farmers' Market and Overland Park Soccer Complex were outstanding community amenities.
  • Where homes are affordable - CNN Money Magazine said Overland Park "is right in the thick of the Kansas City metro area scrum - and it has a history of being included in "best places" lists. For its size, the city has a disproportionate number of Fortune 500 company headquarters, which contributes to higher median income. The quality of life is high, with good schools and low crime. Plenty of nice, three-bedroom homes are on the market for less than $200,000."


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  • "Best Kansas City Place for Family Bonding," Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead - Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect
  • Favorite "Free Place to Visit," and Finalist, Favorite "Day Trip," Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead - KC Parent Magazine
  • Favorite "Family Walking Trail," Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, and Finalist, Favorite "Family Walking Trail," Indian Creek Hike/Bike Trail - KC Parent Magazine

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