Indoor Pools

The Matt Ross Community Center has four different pools with many recreational features, available to members and non-members. (The pools are available for rent after hours. Pools close prior to MRCC building; see pool hours.)

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Leisure pool

Leisure pool

  • This heated pool is designed for people of all ages and ranges in depth from 0 to 3-feet-6-inches. The water temperature is kept at 86 degrees.
  • The pool features an 18-foot tall water slide (rules), a 110-foot lazy river, a water bucket drop and extra features specifically for younger children.
  • Direct access to private party rooms makes it perfect for birthday parties and special events.
  • Water walking, water aerobics and open swim are available at designated times.

Note: Pools are closed daily for maintenance.

Lap pool

Lap pool

  • This four-lane, 25 yard lap pool (rules) is one of the main features of MRCC.
  • The pool ranges in depth from 3-feet-6-inches to 4-feet-9-inches. The water temperature is kept at 80 degrees.
  • Lap swimming, water aerobics, basketball, swimming lessons and open swim are available at designated times.

Note: Pools are closed daily for maintenance. See schedule below for times.

Physical Therapy pool (members only)

Physical Therapy pool

  • The therapy pool is indefinitely out of service at this time. The therapy pool has had extended periods of maintenance this year, more than any other time since Matt Ross opened. The estimated cost to fix the pool is $300,000. The city is evaluating options for the future. Currently, staff members are recommending to the City Council to replace the therapy pool with two saunas in the same area. This recommendation is not final nor has it been approved. The City Council will have several meetings on the proposed plan. Please feel free to contact councilmembers with your thoughts or concerns regarding the therapy pool.
Hot water spa

Hot water spa

  • The hot water spa (rules) can comfortably seat 12 adults or children over the age of 5 years or people who are not in diapers and is available at designated times.
  • The temperature is set at 101 degrees.
    • Monday - Friday: The pools are closed from 2:30 to 4 p.m. for maintenance during the school year.
    • Open pool hours change each month.
    • Closing Time: All pools close one hour before MRCC closes on weeknights and Sunday, and 30 minutes before MRCC closes on Saturday.