Swim Lessons

Swim lessons1Overland Park offers swim lessons for all ages and abilities. Classes are held at all five outdoor pools during the summer, and the indoor pool at the Matt Ross Community Center, 8101 Marty.

Learn more about swim level ability requirements to determine which class is most appropriate. Parents and spectators must remain in the designated area of the pool during swim lessons, unless authorized by the swimming lesson coordinator.

If you have questions regarding swim lessons, call Matt Ross Community Center, 913-895-6390, or Tomahawk Ridge Community Center, 913-327-6644.


There are several registration options:

  • Register online.
  • Visit Matt Ross Community Center;
  • Visit Tomahawk Ridge Community Center.

Ability Levels

Swim levels are largely based on ability. Please see the skills and abilities list included in the lesson descriptions to determine where to enroll your student.

Age is also considered in the infant and preschool classes. Anyone under the age of 5 is recommended to start in infant or preschool classes before moving on the school age levels.