Playbook OP: Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan

The Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan addresses current and future outdoor and recreational needs of Overland Park’s parks system, including trails, parks, community centers, recreational activities, and more.

The plan is a guide for the parks department efforts to acquire and develop parks and greenways and enhance recreation opportunities.

Following the collection of feedback through focus groups, a steering committee and other public input opportunities, the City will begin developing a new Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan, Playbook OP.

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Parks and Recreation

Current Plan

City staff, members of the City Council and Planning Commission, and a steering committee gathered resident input in-person, online, and via mailed surveys, to learn about satisfaction and desires for park amenities.

The plan includes a vision for the city’s park system, needs for existing parks and recreation facilities, recommendations for future parks, pools facilities, trails, and greenways, recommendations for parks services and operations, and an implementation plan.