REC Book Club

Read, exercise, and converse with other book lovers at Matt Ross Community Center’s monthly book club.

Meet other avid readers to discuss a predetermined book.

This group meets the first Thursday of the month. The meeting is free and open to everyone.


8101 Marty
Overland Park, KS 66204




7-8:30 p.m.

Upcoming REC Book Club Meetings

REC Book Club


December 1, 2022
7:00 pm


Matt Ross Community Center

2022 Books

January 6, 2022
All the Broken People by Leah Konen
When Lucy moves to Woodstock,NY to flee an abusive relationship, she becomes involved in faking her new neighbor’s death to help the neighbors solve financial problems. When he actually is found dead, Lucy is caught in the middle of a sinister plot.

February 3, 2022
Sea Wife by Amity Gaige
Juliet Partlow’s husband suggests a sailboat trip to the Carribean to help solve their marital problems. This is a suspenseful story about a complicated marriage, and the people involved in it.

March 3, 2022
The Exiles by Christina Bakerline
This novel, written by the author of The Orphan Train, is the story of British deportees who are forming a new society in Australia. Building a new country requires hardship, friendship and love.

April 7, 2022
Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Venderah
Joanna Teale returns to her graduate research after losing her mother and winning a bout with cancer. A mysterious child turns up and the world around Teale and her neighbor is changed.

May 5, 2022
Just My Luck by Adele Parks
Lexi and Jake play the same six lottery numbers with their friends for fifteen years. When there is a rift in the group, someone is caught in a lie. Lexi and Jake have a ticket worth millions. The author explores the dark side of wealth.

June 2, 2022
Love With a Chance of Drowning by Torre De Roche
This is a memoir set against beautiful remote destinations. Following love, the author leaves San Fransisco to sail around the word with the man of her dreams. Somewhere mid-pacific she is locked in a struggle to keep the old boat, new love and floundering sanity alive.

July 7, 2022
My Grandmother Told me to Tell you She’s Sorry-Frederick Backman
Elsa is seven, and her grandmother is seventy-seven and crazy. When Elsa’s grandmother dies, she leaves behind letters to those she has wronged, and Elsa discover the truth to the stories her grandmother has told her.

August 4, 2022
The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult
When Dawn Edelstein is in a plane crash, her last thoughts before crashing are not of her family, but of an archeologist she has not seen in fifteen years. When taken to where he is working, she is forced to face questions of life and dying.

September 1, 2022
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
This classic sci-fi tale is about Michael Smith, a human raised by Martians on Mars. He has never seen a human until he is sent to earth, and he must learn to be a man.His extraordinary powers set him apart.

October 6, 2022
The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah
Elsa, a hardworking farmer, faces a crisis when there is a drought in Texas. She is torn between staying put and following many others west to California.

November 3, 2022
The Husbands by Chandler Baker
A mystery, in the tradition of the Stepford Wives, this novel explores the secret to having to all as equality in “the second shift”.

December 1, 2022
The Day the World Came to Town:9/11 Gander by Jim Defede
This is the story that inspired the musical, “Come From Away”. When thirty-nine jetliners were grounded due to closed airspace on 9/11, the town of Gander, population 10,300 swelled to 17,000. The results were human and heartwarming.