Weigh in on 2023 Budget with RNR hearing

As the City Council continues to consider the 2023 Budget, you have two upcoming opportunities to weigh in on the budget. 

In addition to the annual budget hearing, there will be a revenue neutral rate public hearing. 

This type of hearing is scheduled when a jurisdiction expresses intent to exceed the revenue neutral rate.

If a taxing entity plans to use more property tax revenue in the next budget year compared to the current year, it would be exceeding the revenue neutral rate. 

2023 proposed budget

The Overland Park City Council has declared an intent to exceed the revenue neutral rate.

The proposed budget recommends maintaining the City’s current mill levy 14.578, which would generate additional revenue above the 2022 Budget.

It recommends using this additional funding to address future street maintenance priorities.  

The City’s revenue neutral rate would be 13.226 mills.

Notice: Revenue neutral rate public hearing

With tax revenue for the proposed 2023 budget exceeding the property tax revenue for the 2022 budget, the City’s revenues may exceed this “neutral” rate.

Because of this, you have an additional opportunity to share your thoughts on the budget. The revenue neutral rate public hearing is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 12 at Overland Park City Hall, 8500 Santa Fe Drive.

Check your mail

You might have recently received a notice from the Johnson County Government on this topic.

Earlier this month, Johnson County Government mailed Johnson County residents a single estimated tax notice on behalf of taxing subdivisions. 

The form includes data on specific property values and taxes as well as dates, times and locations of upcoming public hearings.