Stay safe from fire during this abnormally warm, dry December

This December has been warmer than usual, a departure from the typical cold weather this time of year. However, it has also brought an increased risk of fire.

Unseasonably high temperatures, along with windy and dry conditions, mean residents need to be careful with fire. The Overland Park Fire Department urges the public to be cautious over the next week as warm weather and extremely high winds continue to be in the forecast.

Fires can quickly spread in these conditions, putting your safety at risk and possibly causing costly property damage. According to, a small flame can turn into a major fire in less than 30 seconds, meaning it can engulf your home in minutes.

There is no burn ban at this time, but burn permit holders should avoid burning this week. That’s because high wind speeds are expected to make conditions unsafe for burning.

The Fire Department also discourages small recreational fires (three-by-two feet or smaller), which can also be a fire risk during this warm streak. Do not leave your grills unattended, put out all smoking materials in sand or water, and skip the firepit evening until we get some rain or the winds die down.

The Fire Department will keep monitoring the weather conditions and may issue a formal burn ban if the warm, windy and dry weather continues.

Please be cautious with fire during this unusually warm December, and help us enjoy a safe holiday season in Overland Park.