Save money on your building permit when incorporating renewable energy options

Soon, you may see more renewable energy options in homes and apartments across Overland Park thanks to a new City program that encourages solar energy and electric vehicle readiness construction. 

“Solar-ready zones” are spaces on the roof of a building that are reserved for solar panels. “Electric-vehicle ready” projects are wired circuits that can be used to charge electric vehicles.

Starting August 2, homeowners, landlords and builders can take advantage of a discount on a building permit for these projects, if they plan to incorporate these renewable energy readiness options into their buildings. Solar readiness projects on new homes qualify, and electric vehicle projects on new and existing homes qualify.

Building permits fees will be waived for homeowners and landlords who want to retrofit their homes with electric vehicle charging circuits. Builders can also purchase building permits at a reduced fee, if they construct their projects as solar-ready or electric-vehicle ready. That means they’ve prepared their projects for future installation of solar panels and electric vehicle charging.

For builders, building permit discounts start at $300. You can find a listing of the discounts below.

Type of ProjectBuilt Into New Single-Family Homes, Duplexes and TownhomesBuilt Into New Multi-Family Developments
Solar-ReadyFee reduced by $600Fee reduced by 10 percent (if added to at least half of the buildings)
Electric Vehicle-ReadyFee reduced by $300The discount is determined by the number of EV spaces required.

For a one- or two-family residence to be electric vehicle-ready, there must be at least one completely wired 40 amp or larger circuit per dwelling unit. For a home to be solar-ready, the “solar ready zone” needs to be in the south-facing roof area and free of obstructions or shading.

The solar-ready and electric vehicle-ready program is a pilot program intending to inspire the construction of buildings that support renewable energy in Overland Park. The number of electric vehicles in the Kansas City region has grown by 88 percent since 2014, according to the Mid-America Regional Council.

The program runs through Aug. 1, 2025. Learn more about the program, including project requirements and incentive details.

If you’re considering applying for a permit at a reduced fee, please contact Planning and Development Services’ Building Safety Division at 913-895-6225 to discuss your project.