Provide your thoughts on OP’s streets

Overland Park’s Infrastructure Advisory Group wants to hear from you about City streets.

The group has released a series of videos and polls to inform their discussions. 

Videos include explanations of how the City analyzes street conditions and preserves streets, challenges for the City’s streets program, and industry best practices for maintaining streets.

Short polls follow each video.

The information and feedback provided in these polls will guide the Infrastructure Advisory Group discussions in upcoming meetings.

The Infrastructure Advisory Group will ultimately make recommendations to the City Council to assess the needs, prioritization, practices and funding of the City’s infrastructure programs in order to identify areas to sustain and improve program effectiveness for the next 10 to 15 years.

The outcomes of this effort are focused on formulating recommendations to sustain and improve City infrastructure programs.

Find a link for each of the videos and polls below:

Share your thoughts before April 1, and check back to share your feedback on additional topics surrounding the City’s infrastructure.