Protect your packages; Tips to outsmart porch pirates

A stack of packages sits outside of a white front door decorated with holiday decor.

As many of us take advantage of the ease of online shopping ahead of the holidays, potential porch pirates can threaten to steal our holiday spirit….and our packages. 

Here are five strategies to protect your deliveries (and your peace of mind) this holiday season:

  1. Track and/or schedule your deliveries

Most online orders provide tracking information once your item ships. Monitor the status of your order, and try to be home around the time of delivery. When possible, schedule your deliveries for a time when someone is home to receive them. If you can’t be home, consider coordinating with a neighbor who can keep an eye out for deliveries.

  1. Require a signature for big-ticket items

Requiring a signature for a package serves as an additional layer of security and verification in the shipping and delivery process and ensures the package won’t be left unattended. 

  1. Opt for delivery lockers

Many delivery services and retailers now offer delivery lockers located in accessible, public spaces. While this option doesn’t include the convenience of receiving packages right at your door, it does ensure your items stay safe until you pick them up. 

  1. Install a video doorbell

Smart doorbells with built-in cameras allow you to monitor the area around your front door and provide motion detection alerts sent directly to your phone. Some devices also record any detected motion. 

  1. Make your security system known

Things like motion sensor lighting, cameras, video doorbells or even a security provider sign or sticker clearly communicate that your property is protected. If would-be porch pirates sense a higher likelihood of getting caught or triggering an alarm, they are typically less likely to target a property.

Make sure your packages reach your doorstep and your loved ones safely this holiday season. Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!