Harvest sustainability; Pumpkin composting opportunities in November

From carving spooky faces to baking delicious pies, pumpkins play a significant role in “gourd-geous” fall traditions. But what do you do with your pumpkins once the festivities are over? 

Squash the waste!

Rather than adding pumpkins to the landfill, drop your pumpkins off at one of the composting opportunities in OP throughout the month of November.

Why is composting important?

When not disposed of correctly, pumpkins can release harmful methane gas into the atmosphere as they decompose. Composting pumpkins promotes more sustainable waste management solutions.

By turning in your pumpkins at the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens between Nov. 1-22 or the Farmers’ Market on Nov. 11 and 18, you contribute to a broader community effort to reduce waste and support sustainable practices.

Find more information on pumpkin composting opportunities in Overland Park at opkansas.org/PumpkinComposting.