From Fragile to Fierce: Pepita’s journey as the smallest goat at the Farmstead

Each year, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead eagerly awaits the birth of new baby goats to welcome into its furry family. 

On January 24, 2024, the Farmstead welcomed its littlest bundle of joy. Weighing in at just over one pound, Pepita entered the world as the tiniest goat ever born at the Farmstead. 

Typically, first-time mama goats give birth to one or two kids at a time. Pepita’s mom, Isabella, surprised staff when she gave birth to triplets! 

Due to Pepita’s tiny stature, Farmstead staff decided to bottle feed her from the start so she wouldn’t have to battle her siblings for the nutrition she needed. Staff took turns feeding Pepita small doses of milk around the clock, ensuring she received nourishment to grow.

Pepita’s size presented challenges, especially in regulating her body temperature. A baby goat’s body temperature should be around 101-104 degrees Fahrenheit. Dropping under 100 degrees could be extremely dangerous. To keep Pepita warm and cozy, staff fashioned her a sweater out of an old sock. 

As Pepita grew, so did her playful spirit. At a mere two pounds, she reveled in her newfound energy, darting around her pen with boundless enthusiasm. With each milestone, she became more adventurous, eagerly exploring her surroundings.

When Pepita reached three pounds, she could participate in supervised playtime with the other baby goats. She instantly found companionship in Mike Wazowski. The dynamic duo loved playing King of the Mountain on their mini teeter totter. Despite being three weeks older, Pepita and Mike Wazowski were just about the same size. 

After spending extra time in the Dairy Barn to focus on growing big and strong, Pepita is now outside with the rest of the baby goat herd! 

Marked with the lucky number 13, Pepita is still petite compared to her peers, but her spirit knows no bounds. With each playful bleat, she reminded everyone that size was no measure of strength.

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