Find out how IT Infrastructure Specialist Tim Oswald supports City tech needs

The spotlight is on City staff during the City of Overland Park’s quarterly Staff Spotlight tweet-alongs. The City’s newest tweet-along follows IT Infrastructure Specialist Tim Oswald as he works on tech tasks related to networks, security and more.

Each quarter, City communications staff tweet along with a different staff member to explore their daily tasks, providing a live look at their work routine. This can range from a maintenance worker fixing streets to a City code enforcement officer documenting code violations.

Follow these Staff Spotlights as they take place live on Twitter at You can also browse all of the tweets by searching the hashtag #OPStaffSpotlight.

Recently, communications staff tweeted along with Oswald as he worked at different sites around Overland Park, from College and 69 Highway to the upcoming Fire Station. No. 8. His efforts included tracking underground fiber that supplies internet connection and serving security needs for City staff.

If you missed the Staff Spotlight as it happened live, you can find a full thread of the tweets below. You can also view previous Staff Spotlights at the links below: