Cold temps, hot target: Don’t lose your car to a thief

Snow begins to cover a parked vehicle.

Leaving your car running unattended to warm up in winter could leave you frozen out of a ride to work or school.

It is not just illegal – it’s risky.

In Overland Park, stolen vehicles are among the top reported crimes in winter.

Thieves see an idling car like a sitting duck and can drive away behind your wheel in just seconds.

“A little caution goes a long way,” shares Overland Park Police Public Information Officer John Lacy. “Never leave your vehicle unattended when it’s unlocked, prioritize safety and deny thieves the opportunity to drive away with your property.”

Idling doesn’t actually make your car warmer. Modern internal combustion engines don’t need to run before driving, and idling can reduce the life of your engine.

Your car will warm up faster in motion than sitting still.

If suffering through the chill still sounds terrible, you can be warm and safe this winter. 

Quickly defrost a window with a spray bottle filled with one-third water and two-thirds rubbing alcohol. Heated seat kits run just $50. Pour a warm cup of coffee or cocoa on your way out the door, and you’ll be toasty in no time.


John Lacy Public Information Officer Police Department 913-327-6937