City Council approves nuisance party ordinance

The Overland Park City Council tonight unanimously approved a new ordinance regulating nuisance parties in the city of Overland Park. 

This is an important, early step toward ensuring all neighborhoods in Overland Park continue to be peaceful for residents, and will apply to all properties, including owner-occupied homes and long- and short-term rentals.

The Governing Body directed City staff to draft a nuisance party ordinance after a study over the summer that looked into the effects of short term rentals in Overland Park. 

Staff found that nuisance party ordinances can be an effective way to hold both the owners and renters of these short term-rental properties accountable for what takes place at their properties.

The ordinance will give the Overland Park Police Department an additional tool for dealing with properties where people are violating noise ordinances, using drugs or alcohol illegally, damaging property, littering, creating parking or traffic issues and more. 

In addition to citing individuals physically at the properties, the ordinance will allow Overland Park Police Department officers to issue penalties of up to $500 against the renter or owner of the problem properties for these violations.

Next steps

The ordinance will take effect Tuesday, September 27.

With the approval of the ordinance, City staff continue their work to analyze the effects of short term rentals in Overland Park and will revisit the issue with the Governing Body in the future.

Reporting a short term rental issue

Short term rentals are not currently regulated by Municipal Code, and are generally allowed in Overland Park. Homeowners associations may have more restrictive rules.

Residents can use OPCares, the City’s online customer service tool, to report ongoing property maintenance issues and disturbances at residential properties that are being used as a short term rental.

Concerns could include issues relating to the general upkeep of a property or issues relating to loud parties, large numbers of guests, on-street parking or scattered trash and debris.

Include a valid address and when relevant, detailed location information and as many details as possible to help an officer investigate your concern to determine if a violation of City ordinance exists.

In case of emergency

If you need to report an emergency at a short term rental or any other place in Overland Park, dial 911.

Call police dispatch at 913-895-6300 to report noise complaints or any other potential illegal activity that is happening now.


Meg Ralph Communications and Media Relations Manager City Manager’s Office 913-895-6160