Street Trees

Street trees are trees on public property, generally in the space about 11 feet back from the curb.

Overland Park’s parks services and forestry staff will assist with the full removal of dead street trees in the right of way and storm debris cleanup for trees in the right of way.

Staff will trim a tree if it poses an immediate threat to the right of way.

Property Maintenance Complaints

Adjacent property owners are responsible for trimming deadwood and providing clearance over the street and sidewalk. This area should be eight feet over the sidewalk and 12.6 feet over the street.

When complaints are filed about right of way trees, the city forester will notify the property owner of a violation and give them 30 days to complete the necessary work.

If the work is not completed in that time, community services will open a property maintenance case. If the issue continues, the city may hire a contractor to trim the trees, and the cost will be assessed to the property owner.

OPCares: Street Trees

Planting or Removing Right of Way Trees

Removing a tree from the right of way is prohibited unless authorized by the city forester.

Forestry crews encourage planting trees from the approved list of species in the right of way.

Be sure to call 811 or visit Kansas One Call to request utility locates before you dig.

Street Tree Map

In 2005, the Legacy of Greenery Committee created an inventory of all the city’s street trees.  For eight years, volunteers collected information about each tree’s species and size. This information helps the city forester and parks crews manage Overland Park’s forest.

Use the map to search your address or browse around to see what species are most predominant in your neighborhood.

Approved Street Trees

Before you plant a tree, make sure it is included on this list. If your tree is not on this list, contact the city forester for approval before planting.

You can also view this spreadsheet in full.