Urban Forest Plan

The City of Overland Park is proud to announce the launch of its Urban Forest Plan, a roadmap for responsible tree management and environmental stewardship. This comprehensive plan sets a strategic vision to preserve and enhance the city’s tree canopy, fostering a healthy and resilient urban ecosystem.

Two workers plant a new street tree along a residential road.

Key Features:

Preservation and growth: Protecting existing trees while strategically expanding the canopy.

Diversity and resilience: Planting a variety of species to ensure a robust and adaptable urban forest.

Sustainable practices: Implementing responsible management techniques for long-term tree health.

Next Steps

The Urban Forest Plan is set to take significant strides. The City will dive into comprehensive reviews, engaging stakeholders and organizing community outreach. The plan’s development is anticipated to span approximately 12 months until the final draft materializes. Once through the City’s review process, it will seamlessly integrate into Playbook OP, The Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan, solidifying its pivotal role in shaping and enhancing the city’s urban landscape.

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