Property Maintenance Regulations + Tips

Overland Park strives to maintain high standards for the quality of life of our residents. Poor property maintenance affects our environment, health, safety and property values.

Neighborhoods with homeowner’s associations or neighborhood groups may have additional bylaws for property maintenance.

Use the information below as general guidance to help avoid a violation on your property and maintain the value of your home. Read the city code for additional information about each code or ordinance.

Community Services

Common Issues

Outdoor Storage

Household items must be stored within a fully enclosed structure of your property, such as a garage or shed less than 200 square feet.

Household items may be stored in a backyard but must be substantially screened from view of any adjacent property by a fence or wall, and must be stored in such a manner as to discourage infestations of rodents, insects, and other pests.

Items that require screening include:

  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Construction tools
  • Building or landscaping material
  • Vehicle parts
  • Camper shells

Some items, including lawn furniture, firewood, and play equipment are exempt from screening requirements.

Items stored outside may not occupy more than 20 percent of the backyard area.

Trash + Recycling Containers

Hauler-issued trash and recycling containers may be stored within two feet of any side of your home. No screening is required. Any additional containers, however, must be screened from view or stored inside your garage.

Trash and recycling containers should be placed at the curb the day of your curbside pickup, and returned from the curb within 24 hours of pickup.

City Code: Outdoor Storage

Tall Grass and Weeds

Mow your yard and any area between your property and the paved area of all adjacent streets often.

Grass and weeds are in violation of city ordinance if they are more than eight inches in height, or if they are more than eight inches in length if matted down. Other vegetation, including vines, saplings, or shrubs, may also be in violation if they are taller than eight inches in height and are clearly uncultivated.

Poisonous vegetation such as poison ivy, oak, or sumac are also violations of city ordinance.

City Code: Grass + Weeds

Garage + Estate Sales

Overland Park residents are limited to two garage sales per year. Sales may not last longer than four days each time and there must be at least 30 calendar days in between each garage sale.

Signage is allowed at the home where the sale is taking place. You may place garage sale signs on private property with the resident’s permission. Do not place signs in street medians or on the public right of way.

Overland Park will not install temporary “no parking” signs on streets near garage sales.

City Code: Garage Sales


Fences shall be maintained structurally sound and in good repair.  They must be repaired or replaced with compatible materials.
Fences cannot be taller than eight feet in height.

Fence permits are required if you are constructing a new fencing or extending or replacing an old one.

City Code: Fences

RV, Boat + Trailer Parking

Recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers must be screened from view of the street and may not be parked in driveways.

City Code: RVs, Boats + Trailers

Personal Vehicle Parking

Do not park or store inoperable vehicles on your driveway or the street. Inoperable vehicles can be stored inside an enclosed garage.

Residents have up to 15 days to make repairs to vehicles at their home. Repairs must be completed between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., unless it’s an emergency repair such as a flat tire or dead battery. During repairs, vehicles must be properly parked on a driveway or in a garage or carport.

City Code: Vehicle Parking

Commercial Vehicle Parking

Commercial vehicles cannot be stored in a residential area, unless the vehicles are part of a permitted construction project or used in making temporary service calls or deliveries.

City Code: Commercial Vehicles

Rodent Control

Allowing an infestation of rats or mice is a violation of city code.

Rodent-proof your home by keeping your property free of garbage, refuse, and any other items that would provide food, water, or shelter for rats or mice. Keep items stored outdoors off the ground, and mow your grass frequently. Repair cracks and breaks in foundation walls, and ensure windows and doors fit tightly.

Learn more about best practices for rodent control on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways are only permitted in Overland Park if they were installed before June 1, 1991 and were included in a survey of driveways done at that time. All new or replacement driveways must be paved with asphalt or concrete.

Gravel may be used as a decorative ground cover or landscape element provided that it is clearly distinguished from the driveway.

City Code: Driveways

Septic Systems

A septic system, even if designed and installed properly, can still fail if household water use is not monitored.

Permits and inspections are required to build septic systems in Overland Park.

Learn more about best practices for septic systems on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

Report a Problem

To file a property maintenance complaint, submit a request through OPCares, the city’s online customer service system.

OPCares: Property Maintenance Issues

Home Improvement Help

Following the city’s property maintenance codes ensures that our neighborhoods continue to be safe, healthy and pleasant places for residents to live. Should physical or financial limitations get in the way, there are resources available to help you.

Financial Assistance

Johnson County

Johnson County offers eligible homeowners help bringing their homes into compliance with local housing codes. Learn more about the HOME Program on the County’s website.

Physical Assistance


If you are able to pay someone to help you, hire a contractor to perform the required work. Johnson County licenses contractors. Use the county’s contractor licensing search system before hiring a contractor.


Ask children, siblings or other relatives to help with small projects.


Ask a neighbor if they can help with minor property improvements.

Religious Institutions

Many churches, synagogues, mosques, and other congregations have programs designed to help with maintenance needs.

If you don’t belong to a congregation, call the one closest to your home. They may have a youth group looking for a community project.

Scout Troops

Check with a local troop or their host church or school to determine if a scout troop is looking for a small clean-up project.

Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri

Boy Scouts of America – Heart of America Council

Neighborhood Organizations

Organized neighborhood groups may coordinate volunteers when no other assistance is available. Contact the city’s neighborhood services division for more information: 913-895-6270.