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The College and Metcalf area is Overland Park’s largest concentration of office employment and is a major regional activity center for the Kansas City metropolitan area. It is a major destination for visitors with the Overland Park Convention Center, eight hotels and major adjacent retail centers nearby.


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College + Metcalf Overlay District Study (2024)

The City of Overland Park in coordination with the Mid America Regional Council (MARC) kicked off their College & Metcalf Overlay District Study. The goal of the study is to provide a more flexible mixed use zoning code for the area to spur reinvestment and other opportunities to expand on the prosperity of Overland Park.

The overlay would allow for more housing, retail, restaurant uses, recreational amenities and reinvestment opportunities in existing developed sites and greenfield sites. The study will also examine alternate modes of transportation within the District.

The study is bounded by I-435, Metcalf Ave., W 119th St., and Nall Ave.

Community Engagement

The City held an open house on April 3, 2024, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the BHC Corporate Office, 7101 College Blvd, to share information about the College + Metcalf Overlay District Study, answer questions and gather feedback.

The City also held a public meeting on January 25 at the BHC Corporate Office to share information about the College + Metcalf Overlay District Study, answer questions and gather feedback.

For any questions regarding the College + Metcalf Overlay District Study, please email Keith Gooch at [email protected].

College + Metcalf Mobility Study Background (2021)

OP Central, the area centered on and radiating from the intersection of College Boulevard and Metcalf Avenue, contains all elements of a lively urban district, including a major convention and events center, an array of hotels to welcome visitors, restaurants and retailing, millions of square feet of office space, corporate headquarters, major medical facilities, about 500 housing units with more on the way and excellent direct regional freeway access. But in contrast to the compactness and walkability characteristic of great city centers, these assets are spread out over 0.5 square miles. It is missing the close synapses and opportunities for positive human interaction that people expect of central districts. Put in the terms of physics, its atoms are spread too far apart to achieve critical mass.


Both the 2018 OP Central Plan and the 2021 Mobility Study grew from an initiative of the City of Overland Park, the OP Convention Center and VisitOP to increase use of the Center, area hotels, and associated businesses. While increased event and visitor activity remains central, other developments have altered and expanded this basic outcome.


This plan grew from a collaboration between the consultant team and the people who know the district best—its institutions, agencies, businesses, developers, property owners and managers, residents and neighbors. Members of a Steering Committee representing these groups met seven times during the planning process. The Steering Committee meetings coincided with key milestone points and contributed both important ideas and review of concepts.

Study Document

Learn more about the OP Central Walkability Study and see the full recommendations in the College & Metcalf Mobility Study report.

Master Plan Background (2018)

In 2018, the City went through a six month-long master planning process focused on the College and Metcalf area. This study analyzed workplace and community needs of about 470 acres of land along College Blvd. between Lowell and Nall. This area is uniquely positioned to support innovative mixed-use development.


The OP Central Master Plan considered the current uses of the area and provides high-level recommendations to make the area more walkable, vibrant, and engaging for residents, workers and visitors.

It creates a concept master plan for long-term development, transportation improvements, programming, design and character of the area.


The study included public engagement from visioning sessions, focus groups and a community workforce survey. Participants included City staff, a steering committee, a workplace group, a hospitality group, and a large group of residents.

The study was completed with funding from the Mid-America Regional Council’s Planning Sustainable Places program.

Study Document

Learn more about the OP Central study and see the full recommendations in the OP Central College + Metcalf Study report.

Read the Report

Taking Action

Since the approval of the recommendations, the City has implemented changes in the College and Metcalf area to work toward the goals of OP Central.

This included a “road diet” on College Boulevard between Metcalf and Nall.

Two traffic lanes in each direction, plus a buffer space and a parking lane, replaced the previous three lanes of traffic. The changes added about 100 on-street parking spots adjacent to highly-used destinations in the area.

The work to update the street took place during a previously-scheduled mill and overlay project in 2020. Even with the reduction in lanes, traffic is still at 50% of the capacity for the street.

The City also added bike lanes on nearby 110th Street, 112th Street and Lamar Avenue; and shared use paths along Nall and part of Metcalf.