Capital Improvements Program + Maintenance Program

The Capital Improvements Program and Maintenance Program is a five-year plan to forecast future public improvements and facilities in the city. It provides data concerning need costs, timing, funding sources, budget impacts and alternatives.

Development Process

The process for developing the CIP includes:

  1. During the fall two years prior to the first year of the CIP, staff submit projects for CIP consideration.
  2. Adoption for budget planning purposes happens early the next year.
  3. Revisions occur throughout the year after public hearings.
  4. City Council adopts the CIP in the final form along with the operating budget in August of the second year.
  5. The budget and CIP go into effect Jan. 1 of the third year, and work begins on CIP projects.

2020-2024 Capital Improvements Program + Maintenance Program

The City Manager presented the proposed 2020-2024 CIP to the Governing Body at a City Council Committee of the Whole meeting on January 28, 2019. Governing Body goal area committees review and revise the proposed plan.

Residents were able to speak at two public hearings held at the Planning Commission and City Council meetings in March 2019 for recommended 2020-2024 CIP.

In April, the Governing Body adopted the 2020-2024 CIP for budget planning purposes.

Capital Improvements Program Map

Use the interactive CIP map to locate and see a brief description of construction projects planned in the CIP.