Mental Health Task Force

The mental health task force exists to assess mental health services and related resources available to assist the City of Overland Park to address mental health needs, paying careful attention to the particular experiences and needs of diverse groups within the population.

The task force made recommendations for:

  • Education
  • Outreach
  • Mental health awareness
  • Promotion of services
  • Resources for support
  • Policies and practices related to the mental health needs of the community.

Learn more about the purpose and procedures of the task force.


The list of resources below include presentations and information provided to the task force, and the group’s final recommendations made to the City Council on May 17, 2021.

Task Force Members

  • Chair: Chris Newlin, Ward 6 Council Member
  • Vice Chair: Tom Herzog, Business Community Advocate
  • Jan Marrs, Community Advocate
  • Anne Timmons, Community Advocate
  • Tom Cranshaw, Business Community Advocate
  • Melissa Hillman, J.D.
  • Becky Gernon, M.D.
  • Greg Nawalanic, Psy.D., LP
  • Sara Schlagel, LSCSW
  • Kathleen L. Sloan, Johnson County District Court Judge
  • Jeffery Boss, Johnson County MED-ACT Battalion Chief
  • Tim DeWeese, Johnson County Mental Health Center Director

Members of the City Manager’s Office, Overland Park Fire Department, and Overland Park Police Department serve as ex-oficio members on the mental health task force.

Meeting Schedule

6 p.m.
Generally held on the last Thursday of the month

Staff Liaison

Police Chief Frank Donchez