Environmental Events


Throughout the year, the city hosts several special events that restore the beauty of Overland Park while helping out the environment.

Many of these events can be completed based on the volunteer's schedule, or they may be completed as a large group on a specific day.

Stenciling storm drains

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to stencil, "Dump No Waste. Drains to Stream," on storm inlets throughout the city.

The message reminds residents that dumping items in the storm drainage system not only is against city ordinance, but it also pollutes the water in rivers and streams, which is used for drinking and bathing.

Clean Stream Day

Each spring, the city and the Environmental Advisory Council sponsor a clean up day where trash and debris is removed from streams and creeks.

The clean up lasts several hours, and is perfect for large groups, such as Scouts, neighborhoods and outdoor clubs.

Volunteers pick up the debris, bag it and pile it so it can be disposed of properly by our Parks Services crews.

Paper Shredding

Electronics Recycling