Sports Leagues

2018 Winter Season


Basketball and Volleyball leagues are played at Tomahawk Ridge Community Center (TRCC), 11902 Lowell. Additional Basketball leagues are played at Matt Ross Community Center (MRCC), 8101 MartySoftball Leagues are played at Roe Park103rd and RoeStandings are updated daily.

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January 14th - March 8th, 2018

League Location League Page
Sunday, Men's Intermediate MRCC League Page
Monday, Women's Competitive MRCC League Page
Monday, Men's Intermediate TRCC League Page
Tuesday, Women's Recreational TRCC League Page
Tuesday, Men's Recreational MRCC League Page
Wednesday, Men's Competitive TRCC League Page
Thursday, Men's Recreational TRCC League Page
Thursday, Men's Intermediate TRCC League Page

Recreational -

Recreational players have very little organized basketball experience.

Intermediate -

About 50-75% of Intermediate players have high school varsity basketball experience.

Competitive -

About 50% of Competitive players have college level basketball experience.



January 14th - March 6th, 2018

Team Location League Page
Sunday, Coed Competitive Double-Header TRCC League Page
Tuesday, Women's Competitive TRCC League Page

Competitive -

Most of the players in this league have organized volleyball experience. Competitive leagues will have a referee officiating the matches.