Rules & Regulations

Each organization, team and player is expected to have reasonable knowledge of the game of soccer before renting a field at the Overland Park Soccer Complex. Also:

  1. Each player is responsible to play the game of soccer safely and should be knowledgeable about their ability or lack thereof.
  2. All goals, corner flags and players benches are to remain on their designated field and should not be moved for any reason. Failure to comply could result in suspension of playing and/or rental privileges.
  3. Any temporary lining of fields with paint must be approved by the soccer park manager and completed by complex staff.
  4. Use of outside goals, other goals provided by the soccer complex, is prohibited.
  5. Proper soccer attire (shoes and clothing) must be worn at all times. Bathing attire, tube tops, halter tops, short shorts, open-toed sandals and dress of similar nature is inappropriate.
  6. No smoking, tobacco product or alcohol will be allowed anywhere on the premise.
  7. Players not conducting themselves in an orderly and sportsmanlike manner or not in compliance with the soccer complex rules and regulations may be evicted from the premises by the soccer park manager, supervisor or other complex employees.
  8. The fields will be occasionally closed for maintenance and at such times as weather dictates.
  9. No pets.
  10. Roller blades or skateboards are not allowed along soccer complex common areas and must be used only within the confines of the skate park.