Santa Fe Commons Park Improvement Project

Project Overview

As part of the regular maintenance and improvement of city facilities, features and amenities at Santa Fe Commons Park in downtown Overland Park are scheduled to be updated in 2019.

The city hired RDG Planning & Design in May 2018 for design services for the renovation and redevelopment of the park.

The project is currently in the community engagement phase.

Proposed Concepts

Four concepts developed for the park are included below. Click on the image of each proposed concept to see an illustration of the plan in full.

These four concepts are currently being vetted by the public and by the Santa Fe Commons Steering Committee to best determine which plan to move forward.

Each plan has been purposely developed to show a range of options, so pay attention to the form of the walks, location of performance venue, and organization of play spaces.

The four plans break down two categories: two that include a pavilion for the Overland Park Farmers' Market and two without.

None of the designs focus on the aesthetics of a potential Overland Park Farmers' Market in the park. Rather, they reserve spaces for the Market to take shape, if the Market were to move. A separate design process would be required to finalize the shape, materials, and finishes of any new market structure.

The Strang Carriage House is preserved in all plans. It is an important icon and historical centerpiece of downtown Overland Park, and will remain in the park.


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Project Schedule

RDG Planning & Design has developed transparent project schedules to show progress and anticipated timelines of both the master planning and design and construction of the project.

The next public input meeting for this project is August 16 at Matt Ross Community Center. 

Master Planning Timeline

Santa Fe Commons Master Planning Schedule

Design and Construction Timeline

Santa Fe Commons Construction Schedule